Learn Your Divine Will!

Have you ever wondered why you are here? Or wondered what’s out there for you? Would you like to discover your true purpose? If so, then come learn Your Divine Will!

We are accepting pre-registration for Divine Will Class which will be taught by one of our very knowledgeable, fellow Cannatarian, Susan White.

Susan has a background in Astrology & Divine Will in addition other esoteric knowledge resources.

The sign up form below will get your name added to the pre-registration list. Classes will be limited to the first 20 members who wish to join this event. Classes will be spread out over 8 weeks and each week will allow you to progress further with enough time to fully transmit the energy absorbed from previous teachings.

What Is Divine Will?

It’s a challenge to talk about Divine Will without using superlatives like amazing, incredible, or life-altering… but Divine Will isn’t about the “hard sell”… Divine Will is not about persuading or manipulating others into following along like sheep. Instead, Divine Will is about empowering yourself and others. Divine Will is world service and living your life in alignment with your Soul…

Divine Will reveals your life’s purpose – knowing with clarity what that purpose is and how to take your life’s work out into the world. Through Divine Will, you can know your Soul and become a co-creator with Soul, moving though your life with the confidence that come with a strong Soul connection. Divine Will is an important part of our birth into light and plays an integral role in the evolution of Humanity and all Kingdoms. 

The 7 Wills Include:

The Will to Initiate

The Will to Unify

The Will to Evolve

The Will to Harmonize

The Will to Act

The Will to Cause

The Will to Express

Divine Will creates such an infusion of spiritual energy into your life that quantum leaps in consciousness and growth become a “normal” thing. The 7 Divine Wills are some of the most powerful forces in the Universe ~ They are the physical manifestation of Creator’s Will, transmitted to you by your Soul.

Consciously drawing Divine Will into your life will unfold your highest potential, expand your consciousness, open your vision, deepen your intuition, release limitations, and liberate your spirit from the bonds of matter. As you work with Divine Will, you are strengthening your ability to love, setting your intention for conscious creating, and evolving your personal will for the highest and best of All Concerned.

The 7 Divine Wills call to those who are ready. They are magnetic.

Classes Now Forming!