The Cannatarian Way Of Life

The First United Cannatarian Kingdom (The Cannatarian Sanctuary) is a private member only congregation which is made up of members of the Cannatarian Faith who belong to God’s Family, and who seek to find our higher God-self by worshiping with Cannabis. We strive to maintain a synergy between other Cannatarians and balance our minds through our relationship with our God-self.

Who are Cannatarians?

Cannatarians are accepting of all things living, breathing, and possessing natural energy. We are against any racial discrimination or distinction on the basis of faith, ethnicity or color. Cannatarians fully recognize and respect the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). Any person of mature capacity can be ELEVATED in order to become a True Cannatarian. Some are born into The Highest Light (the light higher than eyesight). However, most of our seekers are initiates who have followed a better path paved with LOVE to achieve the highest form of enlightenment (the God-self) and to find peace among their fellow humans.

What Does It Mean To Be A Cannatarian?

Cannatarians are Spiritual believers from around the world that regularly unite in fellowship. At some point, most of us asked what it means to be a Cannatarian and/or what it means to make an open commitment to the body of believers with whom they worship? 

By definition this is a humanitarian order of love. We unite by the art of love and request nought in sacrifice. Through the Highest Priest (Holy Chosen One), we maintain fruitful relations with various religions and  our members belong to a multitude of different faiths and religious backgrounds. As Cannatarians we strive to attain to vocations that benefit the human race and our mission includes humanitarian activity to support the poor, sick, and desperate people in need. Our main objective is to facilitate the development of living standards of people for the betterment of the human race by congregating and worshiping with cannabis in order to reach our higher self, our God-self. It also means that we hold to certain truths and adhere to The Cannatarian Sanctuary bylaws, as they relate to membership.

All Sacraments must be blessed by a High Priest or High Priestess. The Cannatarian Creed consists of HAILing to the Cannabis SACRAMENT prior to UNITING it with your physical body. Once the Cannatarian has formed a mental bond through the INFUSION then they are ready for their Spirit-self to receive inter-dimensional blessings.

Are you a Cannatarian?

If interested in becoming a member of the Cannatarian Faith, contact us now to set up a private tour.  There is no alcohol consumption on site, however, the Sanctuary permits cannabis use and therefore must only allow those twenty-one (21) and over to enter the premises.  All members must present a valid government ID before entry.  There is a small entry fee to use the Cannatarian Sanctuary which helps us keep events, snacks, sacraments and Hosts available.

Daily Pledge – $5

Monthly Pledge – $25

Annual Pledge – $150

The Cannatarian Sanctuary is available for all members to use from 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM Monday-Saturday.  The Sanctuary is closed on Sundays in order to host our Sunday Service online to reach our global audience.  Tune in every Sunday at 4:20PM on Facebook Live! 

We welcome all those to our Cannatarian Sanctuary who wish to receive the blessings of cannabis. We will always be teaching about the way we worship with the Sacred Cannabis plant as a blessing and sacrament to achieve our higher selves known as the God-self.

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