Sharing Really Is Caring!

As a pre-game of sorts prior to this year’s Hash Bash, Join us this Thursday Evening from 5-7 PM during our Social Share Sesh where all members get FREE entry into the Sanctuary lounge just by bringing some buds!

Sharing is caring, so show how much you care by bringing friends or some sacraments to share with other members and their guests.

Please keep in mind, all guests must be 21+ to enter the Sanctuary lounge.

So put it on your calendar so you don’t forget! Bring some buds! Members will receive a FREE Daily Pass into the Sanctuary just by bringing some sacraments to share with other members or by bringing a friend! Now’s the time to show your best buds some love and give them a glimpse of their future higher self! The Sanctuary will also be providing an array of spiritual sacraments for members to worship with.