Good Neighbors

There’s more to being a Good Neighbor than just keeping a well kept lawn. And while it may be aesthetically pleasing for your neighbors to see your tidy yard, is that as far as you go for your community?

Being a good neighbor means helping your community by listening to their needs and helping to provide strength when they are weak in certain areas.

We offer more than blessings. We provide real support with certainty, not mere faith. We have faith in our believers who also believe in themselves, and especially use their higher God-self to elevate those around them.

Who Rewards Good Neighbors? We Do!

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Active Members in good standing are eligible to participate in our Good Neighbor incentive program.

Want to lend a hand to help us grow the community?

Please use the Contact Us page to further inquire about joining the Good Neighbor program or check out our Calendar our for ways you can help or volunteer.

Our goal is to provide community support and outreach directly to those in need in order to make sure that those who are truly in need of help, are able to receive resources quickly and without a third party which may delay help or consume resources through furthering their campaigning.

Here’s Who We’re Currently Helping Directly:

Ann Arbor Women’s Center + Help women directly who are struggling and require additional help and resources to get back on their feet.

Ann Arbor Humane Society + Help prevent animal abuse by helping to ensure rescue animals find a good home.