Throughout the Lexicon you will find definitions and descriptions for various words associated with Cannatarians.

AIR ~ An Energy within a particularly defined dimensional space. The result of space-fabric being manipulated at various rates. Like all energies, AIR can be cannot be created or destroyed. It can only be transferred at various velocities.

ASPIRANT ~ Any mature human being of willing consent who wishes to seek their True Will in accordance with Cannatarian Principles.

DIMENSCION ~ A realm of spatial separation invoked through the God-self with the spiritual application of worshiping with Cannabis. Dimenscions are used to bring your God-self into harmony with your physical shell in order to accomplish your True Will.

CANNABIS ~ A sacred herb prepared and offered by GAIA to be used by human beings in order to attain their True Will via elevation. Known by scientists as Cannabis-Sativa-L, this sacrament provides the foundation for the

CANNATARIAN ~ Any living human being who has been blessed either directly or indirectly by a High Priest or High Priestess to use sacred cannabis in order to reach their God-self by realizing their True Will.

ELEVATE ~ The practice of experiencing inter-dimenscional existence.

GAIA ~ The plane of existence we collectively know as Mother Earth. She is a female energy produced in the shape of a sphere which is projected by a holographic meta-consciousness.

HIGH PRIEST ~ The Holy Chosen One who has received God’s message and been divinely instructed to carry out God’s will for the survival of the entire human race.

HIGH PRIESTESS ~ Any female energy ordained as Cannatarian who is capable of elevating their God-self to coincide with God’s will and who is willing to foster a dropping from the host of Heaven.

HIGHEST LIGHT ~ The light higher than eyesight which represents a version of the ultraviolet wavelengths. Like gravity, it is a force that cannot be seen, but it can be harnessed and felt.

KINGDOM ~ The eternal kingship of God’s will.

SANCTUARY ~ A sacred land or sovereign realm in which God’s will is fulfilled.

TRUE WILL ~ An aspirant’s realized purpose for existence.